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 One-Hour Massage

If you are looking to promote a speedy recovery after surgery, a Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage is just what you need. This massage transports the healing powers of Lymph Fluid throughout the body, reducing swelling and the chance of infection. The massage can also promote faster healing times.


A post-surgery lymphatic massage provides all the same benefits as a lymphatic massage, but this massage is specifically for those who have recently undergone general medical procedures, plastic surgery, and orthopedic surgery. If you’ve recently had a medical procedure, please ensure to reach out to DermaStar Skin & Laser in NYC and book this service. Our helpful staff will provide a free consultation and inform you of all the healing properties this massage provides.


A Post-Surgery Lymphatic Massage can prevent swelling and pain associated with lymphedema from occurring and speed up the recovery time for patients by boosting the healing process in the body. The massage may even help to reduce the formation of scars due to improved blood circulation, and provide relaxation which is vital when the body has undergone trauma and stress.


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Lymphatic drainage massage is all the rage in NYC. The technique was designed to stimulate the flow of fluid produced by the lymphatic system through massage. The fluid is responsible for transporting oxygen, white blood cells, and nutrients through the body especially when fighting off infection. Lymphatic massage can be done manualy or with the use of a lymphatic drainage suite. DermaStar Skin & Laser provides Manual Lymphatic Massage, Lymphatic Drainage Compression, and Lymphatic Drainage for Post-Surgery Patients.


Lymphatic Drainage is know for its abilities to help fight off infection, speed the healing and recovery process from surgical procedures, help reduce the symptoms and recovery from cold and flu among many other benefits. The massage has become extremely popular in the Greater NYC Metro Area not just for its health boosting powers but also for its ability to reduce water retention, reduce stress, promote recovery after exercise, and help with weight loss goals. If you are looking to reduce cellulite, skin swelling, stretch marks and scar tissue, Lymphatic Drainage is what you are looking for.

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